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As a pioneer in Sustainable Light Industrial Real Estate Development, we aim to provide native and biodiverse landscaping to enrich our local community.

At Empire Holdings, we believe in the power of biodiverse, native landscapes to both regenerate and enrich the surrounding environment. We strive to build carbon neutral, sustainable developments by cutting down on mowing, using solar powered lights, and increasing high efficiency irrigation and zeroscaping, all while creating beautifully aesthetic properties.

Our process begins with top tier landscape design, preparing a concept that is tailored to respect and enhance the surrounding natural environment. We use only the highest quality building and landscaping materials to ensure each of our properties is constructed professionally and sustainably.


We take pride in choosing native landscaping that is both low-maintenance and beneficial at bringing wildlife to our properties. We only have to mow three times per year due to our landscape selections which ensures that we are staying committed to our environment and maintaining beautiful properties our tenants and their employees can enjoy!

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Compared to 10 years ago, Empire’s properties are more than 50% more efficient in use of water and electricity.


Empire Holdings is incorporating additional infrastructure in all new facilities to ensure parking areas are EV-ready.


We make good neighbors with our use of natural buffers between buildings and developments. Native grasses, rocks, trees and plants are used to create beautiful, sustainable barriers.


With native landscaping, our developments are mowed only twice a year, equivalent to taking a whole car worth of energy off the road for every building. We provide and support native flora and fauna.

Proud Partners

Texas Blossoms

Empire Holdings is proud to partner with Texas Blossoms, a non-profit dedicated to beautifying Texas by planting and maintaining blossoming trees. Texas Blossoms joins
local communities to plant trees lining roadways, in parks, and around schools. The non-profit Is unwavering in its commitment to giving back to the community and the environment.

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